Monday, September 28, 2015

"The Witch is In" Halloween Sign created by using quilt fabric panel.

Cute Halloween sign using quilt fabric panel.

The panel I used is from the "Every Witch Way" line from Wilmington Prints. I fell in love with these prints the moment I saw them and knew that I wanted to try something new. The panel is modge podged onto a piece of plywood. I purchased the piece from Home Depot. It was already cut to 2' x 4'. I just had them trim the bottom off about another 4 inches to fit my fabric panel. You can find the panel on our online store:

Step 1

I painted the plywood with white craft paint to keep the wood from showing through.

 Step 2

I laid out the fabric panel over the wood panel making sure that the panel was centered.

 Step 3

I secured the fabric to the wood using binder clips. This will keep the fabric from shifting as you apply the modge podge.

 Step 4

Working with one area at a time, apply the modge podge to the wood and then re-apply the fabric.

Step 5. Apply modge podge to the top of the fabric panel to seal. I applied two coats. I waited overnight between coats but it dries fast and you may not need to wait that long. I also painted the back of the sign black and applied modge podge to seal the wood.

Step 6


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